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Why pang?

I often try to get people to visit my website ( They do, and most times they’ll ask me: “Why is it called pang?” The short answer to that question is, that I think it sounds pretty cool. The longer answer is a bit convoluted. My father used to own a domain,, where he lent me a subdomain. I used this subdomain to practice VERY simple html and CSS. I ended up using more than my father, and he gave me the server and domain, but also suggested that we changed the domain name to something cooler. I agreed, so we sought out a short and cool domain name. There isn’t a lot of available 1,2 and 3-letter domain names, which is why I ended up with pang. It was easy to pronounce, and generally… sounded pretty cool.

For a long time, I mostly used to try out new skills such as PHP, jQuery, JavaScript and more. When I enrolled into Aarhus University, I found it very useful to use and online server to host school-related web pages, as opposed to locally hosted servers. I am also looking to collaborate with others who wish to have their own domain name, and want to share the server space.

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